About Me

I am a computer science student studying at Georgia Southern University. My research interests include multithreading optimization, high performance computing, Android development and computer clustering as well as virtualization.

Work and Education


Georgia Perimiter College - AS of Science in Computer Science [2012 - 2014]

Georgia Southern University - BS in Computer Science [2015 - Present]


Georgia Southern University - Teaching Assistant in the Allen Paulson College of Engineering [2015 - 2016]

Safe Systems - Tier I Managed Services Engineer [Summer 2015]

Gulfstream Aerospace - High Performance Computing Intern [Spring 2016]

Progressive Insurance - Tier II Mainframe Engineer [Summer 2016]

My Projects

Optimizing Virtual CPU Configurations for Multithreading in VMWare EXSi [Research Paper]

StreamTorrent - A vim extension for quick notes

vim-notes - A vim extension for quick notes

Google Billboard Problem - The google billboard problem implemented in python

mkfoo - quickly create foo files anywhere

My personal dotfiles

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